Sending postcards, fountain pens, my 1930s Royal Aristocrat typewriter, a film camera for every day of the week, and red nail polish. 

what I'm known for:

I’m on a mission to invite joy and beauty into my everyday—and help you do the same. 

It happens to the best of us. We get busy and forget to look up and around, take a breath, and see the beauty around us. But tell me, when’s the last time you looked up at the stars or at a beautiful photograph and didn’t feel less stressed? That’s the power of pressing pause and inviting beauty into our lives. It’s essential for living. We just forget to look.

Through my paper goods, fine, and affordable art, I hope you are encouraged to invite beauty into your everyday…and that you experience the joy of it when you do. From French postcards (who doesn’t love snail mail?) to remind someone you’re thinking of them, to outrageously large (I believe bigger is better) Paris wall art that inspires your next adventure, it’s all here. My art is inspired by my travels. 

What I really hope for when you buy some of my art (merci!) is that you feel like you were there, standing next to me, and that we frolicked through the lavender, strolled on the Seine, and picnicked by the Golden Gate Bridge…together. And if it inspires you on an adventure of your own, I’ve created free guides to some of my favorite places to help you get going. (Paris in Your Pocket, my no-tourist-traps guide on what to do in Paris, is a favorite.) Bon voyage and bienvenue! 

Bonjour! I’m Marissa—writer by day, (film) photographer always, hopeless Francophile, lover of Wes Anderson and Audrey Hepburn, and ballet flat devotee.

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Black and White Paris Prints


12 cards and envelopes invite you to the dry summer heat and lavender-perfumed air of Provence in the South of France.

Provence French Postcards


16 cards take you through Paris, from la fleuriste to the Eiffel Tower and Saint Germain des Près.

Parisian Postcards 

Take yourself on an adventure to Paris or Provence from the seat at your desk. Tack them up, frame them, or send them to a friend. These postcards of Paris and Provence will bring delight and a little adventure into your everyday.

French Postcards


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Paris in Your Pocket

Love Paris as much as I do? Get my FREE guide, Paris in Your Pocket. No tourist traps, just the Paris you’d miss if you didn’t have a local with you. Click the image to download.