Take a walk with me through my Paris. A quiet walk past les fleuristes and shuttered quarantine cafés in Saint Germain. A vintage photo booth in Montmartre. A sweeping view of the Eiffel Tower from the Arc de Triomphe. Colorful doors. Paris in the spring. These Paris postcards aren’t filled with the clichés, but they show you what you might find if you really got to know the city. 

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Parisian Postcards

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Photographed on 35mm film with a 50mm lens, which most closely mimics the perception of the human eye. I hope that as you flip through, you feel like you were there, next to me. 

Close your eyes and imagine your feet on the narrow, cobbled streets. Hear the traffic whiz by as you step into the vintage photo booth, right across from the grocer in Amélie. Huff and puff up the seemingly endless staircase in the Arc de Triomphe. And stop to delight in every painted door as you wondering what it’s like to live inside. Welcome to my Paris. Take yourself there via these postcards of the City of LIght.

16 cards with a postcard back. Printed on recycled 110lb paper. Ships via USPS. 

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Invite joy, beauty, and adventure into your everyday

I create my photographs with the hope that they invite you to press pause on a busy life and take a moment to daydream. We all need a little beauty in our lives. That’s why art has stood the test of time—sometimes we just forget to look for it. 

I choose my equipment with the goal of creating a photograph that makes you feel like you were there, standing next to me. I hope that today, for a moment, you could imagine yourself in (what I believe is) the most beautiful city on earth. Perhaps it will inspire your next trip. Bon voyage!


A feast for our eyes.



Marissa’s work allows us to travel the world with her in a season when actual travel is much more difficult.  Colorful and composed with thoughtful eye and heart, don’t miss out on having one of Marissa’s fine art photos gracing your walls!

Sending to friends!


Superb quality—the paper is nice and thick and the image is clear. I can't wait to send these to my friends!

Brilliant colors.

- AMY W.

Clear definition, delightful grain on the photos as you’d expect from Marissa’s work. I'm actually thinking about purchasing again, because I want to hang most of these up as a little wall deco, then buy a new set to send to friends in the mail.

So much joy.


The print quality is extraordinary and each photo has a different story. As an former Expat who lived in Paris, these bring me back to the beauty, poetry and wonder of the streets of Paris. Can't wait to order more.

Absolutely stunning!


 Marissa’s magical shots of Paris make for the most beautiful cards. I was so excited to receive these and they made my day - I can’t wait to send them out!



I absolutely love my postcards, the paper quality is great and the prints are gorgeous!